The Story

Expert on Making & Selling Physical Products Direct to Consumers.

Hi, my name is Gus.

Making and selling Physical Products direct to consumers is a specialty of mine.

Having a background in engineering, I came up with a great new (original) product in 2009.  Having extensive experience in manufacturing, the design and prototype of the product was not too difficult.

Getting the product to market was the next challenge. Modern methods typically use distribution and retail channels. As I began to consider these, they began to seem overly complicated and eat into the profit margin.

Common sense suggests that there must be a simpler way.

In times prior to the Industrial Revolution, consumers filled their needs by purchasing directly from the goods producers.

Commerce occurred in local shops and markets where the local goods producers sold their items to consumers with a need.

The Internet has again made it possible for consumers to find and contact goods producers to fulfill their needs.  Businesses can easily sell direct to customers all over the world, and there are many advantages to doing just that.

Shortening the supply chains to end consumers benefits both the manufacturer and consumer.  Many manufacturing companies are following this trend towards selling direct to their end consumer.

Advantages to the manufacturer include a leaner, more responsive manufacturing process and value stream that is globally competitive.

Consumers are provided with a closer relationship to the goods manufacturer who can often provide better pricing, service, and customization options.

The internet allows businesses to advertise, inform, take orders, and receive payment.  Why shouldn’t the manufacturer do that directly?

Many businesses have figured this out, and are doing exactly that.  Modern shipping methods allow for fast and efficient delivery of purchases directly to the doorstep of the consumer.

The business was successfully setup to sell direct to the customer, bypassing distribution and retail channels.  The business has more control, more profit, and a closer relationship to the customer.

I strongly believe more businesses should embrace this model too.