Educated Customers

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End users are more educated than ever. Consumers need to feel that the product purchase is a smart one.  Spending hard-earned money is easier when the purchaser feels like they are buying goods that solve a need in their life.  Consumers need some background so that they are educated for their purchase.

Today’s product information is relatively free thanks to the modern internet.  Internet accessibility has made huge leaps and bounds, not only being available in the vast majority of households, but also the increasingly high number of cellphones that have internet browsing capability.   Modern search engines help potential consumers quickly find the background information required to guide purchasing decisions.

Consumer education can come from a multitude of websites.  These include:

  • Information-sharing (Wikipedia)
  • Independent product reviews (Consumer Reports)
  • Sale and product reviews (Amazon)
  • Youtube videos
  • Independent blogs
  • Product sales website

Customers increasingly do their own research before making purchase decisions.  They need to ensure that they are getting a product that solves their needs at a good price, and from a reputable company.

Manufacturers that sell direct to their customers would do well to provide as much information as possible about their product, it’s use, and the general background on the subject matter.  Customers need that information, and will look elsewhere for that information if necessary.

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