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Consumer Goods Companies expanding their Marketing Techniques

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Direct two-way relationships are being fostered using social media and mobile device marketing techniques by Consumer Goods Companies.  A recent report titled “New Directions: Consumer Goods Companies Hone a Cross-Channel Approach to Consumer Marketing” indicates that an increasing number of high-level executives will be working to increase brand loyalty with the end consumers via the use of social networking, mobile devices, and the Internet.

From the report:

“To attract and engage the consumer, consumer goods (CG) manufacturers are increasingly exploring ways to integrate new channels such as mobile and social media into their marketing mix,” said Cassandra Moren, senior director, consumer goods industry marketing, Oracle. “Direct to consumer interaction is growing, as evidenced by the research, and it is critical in today’s highly-competitive global economy that consumer goods companies take advantage of every touch point with the consumer. As the EIU report shows, this now involves a combination of physical and digital environments, including social media and mobile platforms.”


The report found that the use of social and mobile channels are increasingly helping CG companies become more comfortable with the direct-to-consumer selling model, with the number of companies selling products directly to consumers expected to increase from 24 percent to 41 percent over the next 12 months.

The Internet is becoming a powerful tool in the connection between manufacturers and their customers.  It allows for strong two-way communication between manufacturers and their customers.  It is not a complete replacement for old fashioned sales techniques, but is a great accessory to expand their presence.

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